ESP: The Experience Sampling Program

ESP is a FREE, open-source software package for running questionnaires, surveys, or experiments on a Palm Pilot or compatible handheld computer. ESP asks questions of your participants and records their answers and their response times. The data may later be uploaded to a computer for analysis.

ESP is quite configurable. The expermenter determines the questions, their order, how often to run trials, whether trials occur at predetermined or random times, and so forth. All these changes (and more) are possible without doing any computer programming, just by running our configuration tool, ESP Desktop.

The current version of ESP is 4.0.

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All ESP users are encouraged to join the Experience Sampling Mailing List where you can discuss ESP with other researchers. (You will need a free Yahoo ID to join.)

ESP and its supporting programs are provided with no warranty and no support. These programs include full source code so they may be modified by any experienced programmer.

About ESP

ESP was developed at Boston College by Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett and programmed by Dr. Daniel J. Barrett.

Special thanks to the following people, organizations, and software that helped make ESP possible: